It is not uncommon for a brand to make some changes to its line-up when it releases a new silo. In the process of releasing the Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG - Purple Dynasty/Bright Citrus/Hyper Grape, Nike made some more unusual changes, ones that we definitely didn’t expect. It has made the process of deciphering each boot on offer a little more difficult.

And then there is the latest CR7 Chapter 6 line-up, that has its own unique way of introducing boots. Designed with Cristiano Ronaldo’s story in line, this is the type of silo that automatically attracts a cult following. Here, we look to give you a breakdown of just what is on offer should you look to find you own boot with a Portuguese “CR7” styling to it.

You can find everything released in the CR7 series at

This is the top junior size option available to players. But, what is very important to note here, is that this is more like the pro version than the Elite version. In other words, it doesn’t have all the tech that Cristiano Ronaldo’s version has. The price is slightly higher than the pro, which proves very misleading. But that is just part of the price of getting the top option in the junior size!