The second generation New 2017 Nike Magista Obra II FG - Blue/Armory Navy has quickly become a fan favorite on the market. Worn by a host of top players, they have been created as the “evolution of touch and traction”. Nike has turned the Magista into a statement boot by introducing a wave of never before seen performance elements that set them apart and make them a market leader.

If this is a 2018 Nike Magista Obra boot you have on your wishlist and you are ready to own a pair, then you are going to want to read on. There is a lot you need to know about these, primarily related to performance. Here is a quick breakdown with our take on what they have on offer.

Find this colorway available at“Lock In Let Loose” Colorway

In reality, this is one of the most fascinating colorways currently on the market. Nike has it listed as Solar Orange, which is definitely a color that controls the upper. But, there is also a blast of that breaks through and ads a more dynamic visual effect. You get a mix of yellow hues and the primary orange, with extra fire hot shades in between. The overall effect is very similar to a summer sunset, or almost like a molten orange. Adding black through the dynamic fit collar and on the lacing offers a dynamic contrast and really emphasizes the appearance of the structured knit.